Friday, July 1, 2011

Wool Soakers

I got four soakers made using the Little Turtle Knits Hybrid Rib Soaker pattern and yarn from my stash. All are the newborn size and two are daytime weight and two are nighttime weight. They're really easy to knit so if they work out it should be easy to make larger sizes after baby gets here.

To lanolize them, I soaked them in some lukewarm water that had a tiny bit of Woolite and some lanolin thoroughly mixed in. After they soaked, I just drained them, pressed as much water out as possible, then rolled them in a towel and squeezed. They're air drying on a drying rack now. It's pretty easy so I hope they work.

I got another 12 1/2 lbs. of strawberries picked today and only picked about half the bed. We invited a neighbor over tomorrow morning to pick some for herself. I'm sure we've got enough to share. ;)

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