Friday, July 15, 2011

Tonight's Dinner

Happy Friday!

Salad with lettuce, peas and carrots from the garden and store bought tomato (hopefully we'll have tomatoes soon, the first fruit is set!), dressed with peach balsamic vinegar and blood orange olive oil from EVOO.
Rotini with homemade pesto from last summer's garden
Grilled chicken breast
Homebrewed apple cider (for Q, I stick to sparkling water)

I was again struck by how we need to stay on track to start growing some of our own grain because percentage-wise the rotini was the largest portion of the meal that we don't currently produce on our property. (I realize that, for the moment, apples for the cider and pesto walnuts are not practical for us to grow ourselves - although in this case they were at least both locally sourced.) On the grain front - we were examining the oats tonight and the first planting seems to have reached the milky stage; I'm curious how long it will be before it gets to "harvest ripe storage stage". Apparently, there are still soft dough, hard dough, and kernel hard stages to get through first though. :) The ins and outs of growing grain are fascinating.

Speaking of good eating, I had a friend give me some of her homemade herbed chevre today. It's absolutely divine, and I have actually never liked goat cheese before. I really need to get serious about cheesemaking. So many things to do, so little time (and energy right now).

Tomorrow Q's going to set up the new smoker for the first time and smoke a pork shoulder. Mmmm, I love food.

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