Friday, November 28, 2008

Sewing Practice, Kittens and Cooking

Today, Black Friday, I braved the bargain seeking hordes and went to JoAnn's Fabrics. I was surprised and delighted to find that by the time I got there it was pretty quiet and they still had everything I wanted, including the serger that was on the doorbuster sale!

I got the bottomweight fabric necessary to start me on my Christmas "shopping bags for everybody" project. With materials and tools now at my disposal, I went home and learned how to use a serger and how to use my sewing machine to do simple appliques. Below is the first bag...not professional quality, but sturdy and neatly done.

After sewing around the bottom, I used the serger to give it a quick finish. SOOOO EASY! I think I'm in love. Thank you for the early birthday/Christmas present, Mom!
On other, entirely unrelated, fronts, I promised to put up pictures of the six kittens we're fostering. The three black ones are named Hekyll, Jekyll, and Funf. The two black and white (a boy and a girl) are Puppet and Little Girl. The tabby is called Ewok. Just over a week and they go back to the shelter to find their homes.
Ewok had just had her bath about a week ago. (They're better at cleaning themselves now.)

And for my final sidenote, I've been meaning to post this photo since November 1. It's the huge batch of Three Bean Casserole that I made and froze. Four solid meals worth. I carried the casseroles down to the freezer in the huge pan I made the batch in. I got it at an estate sale. It's black enamel on the outside, bright red inside, and absolutely enormous. It makes me very happy.