Wednesday, April 27, 2016

2016 Spring Starts Sale May 15 & Preorders

Welcome! I'm trying to sell some of my excess starts this year to help pay for my seed starting/gardening addiction. 

All starts are in 4" pots with organic seed starting mix

All varieties are heirloom (except the Lambada Bee Balm) and seeds were purchased from high quality suppliers (most from Baker Creek). 

Email me at to reserve plants and I will update this listing if any varieties sell out. 

Pick-up and sales of remaining starts will be on May 15 from 10a-2p at 930 Kendall Street in Lakewood, CO. (Pickup can also be arranged at other times.)

Tomatoes - $4/plant
The tomato plants all have several sets of true leaves.

A Grappoli d'Inverno - excellent drying tomato, my kids also eat them by the handful straight from the vine

Amish Paste - late producer with huge meaty red fruit

Brazilian Beauty - red-black cherry tomatoes

Homestead - steady producer of medium sized red slicing tomatoes with good flavor

Riesentraube - small red tomatoes that grow in bunches resembling grape clusters

Roma - oblong red fruits are meaty and ideal for canning and simmering into sauce

Siletz - bred in the Pacific Northwest, this tomato produces relatively early and tolerates cooler temperatures  SOLD OUT

Snow Fairy - good yields of small round red fruit on a short stocky plant, great for containers - it only grows to be about a foot tall!, 

Yellow-out Red-in - read about them here, I've never tried "keeping" them but what fun to try

Peppers - $3/plant
The pepper plants currently have 2-3 sets of true leaves (probably many more by pick-up time in 3 weeks.)

California Wonder 300 TMR - the standard green bell pepper type, excellent producer

Lipstick - sweet red pepper with an elongated shape that has also produced lots of fruit for me

Arroz Con Pollo - read more about these unusual peppers here

Other Vegetables - $3/plant
Vegetables currently have 2-3 sets of true leaves (probably many more by pick-up time in three weeks).

Black Beauty Eggplant - large round dark purple fruit, they've been excellent producers for me

Tomatillo Purple - purple instead of the usual green, these are also supposed to be a bit sweeter than the standard tomatillos

Ground Cherries - unusual small berries, read more about them here, My preschooler loves harvesting these and snacking on them when they ripen

Herbs and Flowers - $2/plant
Basil and marigolds currently have 2-3 sets of true leaves (probably many more by pick-up time in three weeks). 

Lavender and rosemary are currently a couple inches tall. These slow growing perennials would be best as windowsill or patio plants before planting out next spring.

English Lavender - fragrant perennial plant with silver green foliage and purple stalks of flowers, culinary and ornamental uses

Rosemary - a common culinary herb, attractive perennial shrub with small light blue flowers

Italian Large Leaf Basil - annual herb that produces heavily if flower stalks are pinched off as they begin to form, delicious in pesto, tomato sauce, and so much more.

Lemon Drop Marigolds - a small bushy plant covered in lots of cheery yellow flowers, has a long bloom season, this dwarf variety does well in containers too

Lambada Bee Balm - flowering perennial that attracts pollinators