Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What remains of today's project -

Slowly, slowly, the house is getting organized. The media room and baby's room now have art hung on the walls and remaining pieces have either been gotten rid of or stored properly. Art supplies are in neatly labelled boxes, CDs and DVDs are catalogued and put away, storage closets are getting neater and neater. The book project is finishing up today, which will only leave the yarn, fabric, and final closet organizing left to do. Since I don't know when I'll have the time/energy to do a major overhaul of storage again, this stuff will get done before baby is born. And the house will be really clean before I go to the birth center. I realized that bringing baby home to a truly clean (dusted, vacuumed, mopped, organized) house is going to do wonders for my stress levels during the first days and weeks.

I know it's not possible to have too many books but I do sometimes feel a tiny bit of doubt creep into that belief. The book project stemmed from having to empty the shallow built in shelves in baby's room and wanting to free up a full size bookcase for baby's room. Pictures of the books in Sprout's room will be on the full virtual nursery tour in couple of weeks (it's really almost done!) but here's everything else...
The bedroom (1 1/4 shelves free!)

Two bookcases facing each other in the project room (1 full shelf free, which could be layered two deep with paperbacks, and the photos from the bottom of the other case could get stored in a box instead)

Living room (2 1/4 shelves free!)
I even got the cookbooks moved so they're easier to access and I can use their former cabinet for cookware.

Remember the first picture? I wonder if they'll fit on the available 4 1/2 shelves. I really don't want to spend the money or use the space for an additional shelf. We'll see...

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