Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Corn as High as My Eyes...

And I'm slowly taking on elephantine proportions so maybe the Oklahoma lyrics are pretty close. We had quite a cool rainy patch but the sun's out again and the garden is coming along. I weeded for a couple hours yesterday but I really need to weed for a couple of hours every day, which is awfully hard on my hips. I can't believe baby's due in less than 5 weeks!

No ears forming yet but it's getting to be quite respectably tall. I think it will be about 2 weeks before I can hide in it!

The first planting of edamame is starting to form pods.

The first planting of oats was getting snacked on by the birds so we threw the net over it.

Heads on the first planting

Heads on the second planting

The blueberries have done quite well and ours are just finishing up (although the season, in general, is heating up) This bush is the last one that has whole section that's still ripening.

The second lettuce planting is doing well in the shadow of the peas' trellis. Radishes and spinach are also coming in.

We got a cantaloupe and a watermelon plant for $.50 each on clearance a couple weeks ago and the snails ate the melon plants I started from seed and so far they've done well. We may luck out and get a long enough season to produce something.

The winter squash starts are doing well. I think the Dumpling squash even has its first fruit.

The pea trellis with carrots and a volunteer tomato (complete with fruit) in the foreground.

All the cauliflower and eggplant (hidden by the onions) starts have managed to survive so far. The onions I planted this spring have come up well. I'm going to dig them up and spread them out to finish growing soon.

Baby Basil

Our first grapes

Baby Zucchini

Baby Tomato

Baby Crookneck, oh so many baby crookneck.

Baby Cucumber

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