Friday, July 8, 2011

Roosters Aren't City Dwellers

Last night as we were starting to pick blueberries and strawberries, a car drove up and a woman got out, asking, "Do you still want a rooster?"

Q forgot that I was out of town for the Tour de Coop so he turned and repeated the question to me. I continued to stare blankly. After asserting that I had no opinion on a rooster, I left them to work it out.

What had transpired at the Tour de Coop was that Q had gotten into a conversation about the meat birds with this lady who feared that one of the layers she was raising was actually a rooster. Q had offered to take it off her hands and put it into our soup pot if this turned out to be the case.

The denouement is that "Chuck" (the rooster) is quarantined in a large cat carrier in our guest bathroom for the next day or two until we harvest this weekend. The two Rhode Island Reds are also destined for the freezer and "Lacey" (the Silver Laced Wyandotte) is getting upgraded to layer status.

Chuck is very clearly a rooster. A few minutes after we turned on the bathroom light for him this morning (no windows) we were startled by a very loud crow. He's been doing it intermittently ever since. I kind of like it but won't miss it as an "inside sound". The cats won't miss it at all and keep giving me dirty looks which seem to clearly translate into , "Why do you keep putting chickens in the bathroom?"

Q promised to prepare one of the fresh birds butterflied on the grill this weekend - doesn't this look yummy?

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