Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Backyard Brewing

Q finally got his post up on his recent brewing escapades. Apparently, the bottle he tested tonight was inspirational.

In current affairs, I've got 10 pounds of pie cherries and 12 pounds of sweet cherries in the fridge for tomorrow's pie filling, drying, and jam escapades. All our wet weather has caused the cherries to split but they are plentiful. Hentze's Farm, a few minutes north of us, has a lovely sweet cherry u-pick orchard. They are also the only people in town who have pie cherries, which is again really making me want to plant our own.

At Chez Chicken, Lacey has laid her second egg, maybe slightly larger than the first, and it appears that both of the big girls have simultaneously started to molt - no proper sized eggs for us for 2 days now! Don't know what we're going to do!

The tallest corn is thigh high. The yellow crookneck plants are developing a terrifying number of fruit. Cucumbers and zucchini have tons of blossoms. I need to do garden pics again in a couple of days.

Lester the Fox has his body all knit and is ready to be stuffed and sewn together. Then I get to start knitting the clothes! How could I resist the project when I already had everything I needed in my stash? Nobody would have that kind of self control, I mean, he's wearing shoes, for crying out loud!

Finally, these are some of my new favorite people. I really hope they make their goal - on principle and for selfish reasons, I want to watch the completed videos!

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