Friday, July 29, 2011

Foxy Mugshots




Here is Lester the Fox from Interweave Knits Weekend 2011. I've been waiting to post until his clothes were done but I've kind of been dilly-dallying and wanted something up before the weekend. His trousers and shirt are done, his scarf is in process and his boots aren't started. I always forget how fun it is to knit toys, especially when it's all yarn that was already in the stash. Speaking of the stash, here's today's project...
Considering that that's every bit of yarn I own, I feel like I'm pretty good about not hoarding too much but I don't know if this amount of yarn being "normal" in my mind is just another symptom of the disease. :) It's a tricky question - asking non-knitters or knitters will each get opposite and equally biased answers in my experience. The two cardboard boxes at the back are acrylics from the liquidation of Q's grandmother's stash. I'm trying to decide what to keep out of them. They could be handy to have around for very specific projects (i.e. keeping the 3 skeins of olive green for a knit farm play mat in a couple of years) but I also really don't like the results when acrylic is used for garments. We'll see.

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