Saturday, June 11, 2011

Closet Cleaning aka Organizing Part I

Here's the first step on the "summer to do list" - Organize closet and go through wardrobe. I did mine on Friday and Q did his side today. We got rid of a lot of stuff.

I couldn't believe how many clothes I have (and how few fit right now)...

Marbles is always willing to help.

I ended up hanging everything that currently fits me in the closet.

Everything else ended up in the dresser drawers or in this bin.
We need to find another bin for the clothes Q wants to put aside at the moment and then we'll have nice clear closet shelves. Not sure what we'll move to that space but it will have to help clear clutter elsewhere. Hopefully "organize crafting stuff" (number 2 on the summer to do list) will free up a bin for Q on Monday and give ideas about what can be kept out of the way in this closet.

I never seem to get tired of taking pictures of my kitchen counters with all the jars.
And, in this case, the muffins. They were the Betty Crocker oatmeal raisin muffin recipe but I used whole wheat flour instead of white, honey instead of sugar, and put a few frozen blueberries into each one instead of raisins. So, they're now Liz's Honey Oatmeal Bluberry Muffins? I doubt Betty would recognize them as hers. They were delicious.

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