Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Color Wheel Quilt, Part I

I've had a bunch of fabric pieces stashed away for about a year with the intention of someday actually getting the last few colors I needed together and cut for this quilt from "Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts". This morning I cut the 42 that I'd already put aside and arranged them to determine where my gaps were (picture above). I realized I was short on greens and I needed a true orange to transition to the yellows.

My stash of scraps (thank you Mom and Grandma - I call them the "stash of my ancestors") provided all the greens but no orange. I figured I'll just splurge and buy a fat quarter when I go to buy the white fabric for the background. Fifty-one of the colored pieces are now cut and numbered, ready to be sewn together (with one gap for the orange). Unlike the original, I think I'm going to do black for the bias and then choose a very small print calico in some oatmealy shade for the backing. I can't quite shut my practical side up to the point of being okay with making a quilt with a white edge and back.

Craftacular Getaway 2011 is only 2 days away so updates may be quickly forthcoming.

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