Monday, June 20, 2011

Craftacular Getaway 2011

Four of the "craft circle" ladies rented the Falcon View at Heceta Head ( a couple blocks from the beach just north of Florence) and spent 48 hours doing whatever we felt like doing. We've done it once before but we really need to focus on making it a yearly event. It was heaven.

The Creations
M made the paintings and sewed the binding on the two books pictured.

C worked on the burgundy/brown quilt strips draped across the center of the couch and read a lot about cheesemaking

V made the blue and yellow picnic quilt that's draped under everything and finished the amazing aqua dress in the upper left corner. (The picture really doesn't do it justice.) She also created a pants pattern based on some linen pants she loves.

I altered/fixed several maternity clothes (two pillowcase dresses into square neck tanks, shortened the shoulders of a sundress and shortened 1 pair of pants - all in the lower left), started reconstructing a blouse out of reclaimed fabric from another garment, and made a diaper bag. The blouse and diaper bags are getting their own posts. It felt good to get so many little tickly projects off my to do list.

I really had to post a couple pictures of the food. We do know how to eat and since we're all used to being the cooks for our families, it felt like meals prepared themselves. Highlights...

artichokes, ciabatta bread, chicken breast, salad greens, and tabbouleh

homemade gouda (M), homemade chevre (C), brie, dried figs, ciabatta, pears and cherries

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