Saturday, June 25, 2011

In the Kitchen

Here are a few adventures from the kitchen this week...
I spent over a day babysitting drying spent grain from Q's weekend brewing in the oven. If it had been warmer I would have spread it outside to dry. The chickens love this stuff and now it's been preserved so I can keep supplementing their feed with it. It was in rimmed baking sheets in about 1/2" layers and stirred every 20-30 minutes at 250 degrees.

Here are some roasted potatoes for a potluck this afternoon.

Strawberries and biscuits are a family favorite for breakfast during this time of year.

I also made a batch of strawberry rhubarb honey jam. It turned out really fantastic but I only got 4 pints instead of the 5 pints I filled. As I put one into the canner, there was a loud pop and the bottom of one of the jars just broke off.

I'm going to make at least one batch of strawberry and, hopefully, a batch of blueberry jam, which should get our jam closet stocked for the year. We actually ran out this spring; rather shocking really!

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