Monday, June 13, 2011

Corn and Oats and Other Garden Progress

The new corn and oat beds (planted 6/7) have the tiniest seedlings coming up right now. So tiny that I would not have noticed them if I hadn't been looking. Pictures forthcoming when there's something to take a picture of.

We got the watering set up yesterday.

In the way of the universe, about 2 hours after we finished set-up it started pouring. Q disabled our carefully set timers for now but at least everything is in place.

Q put together the sprinkler stand from scrap. It's so absurd, sitting there in the middle of the yard, that I keep having the impulse to decorate it into tacky yard art. I'm resisting.
The "rainbow" waters almost everything and manages to clear the chicken A-frame so they keep drier and we avoid the rain shadow effect. There's also a spraying hose set up along the front timbers separating the flower bed from the ground level veggie patch (where we have the soy).
The crookneck squash, zucchini, cucumber, pumpkin, acorn squash, dumpling squash, and banana pink jumbo squash seedlings all got transplanted yesterday. This is the summer bed.
The winter squash are directly north of these at the front of the yard, next to the end of the edamame. I took out the overgrown celery from last year to make room for them and the garden looks much neater. I started all these guys indoors under a grow light in 4" pots so hopefully they won't die from the "we don't like to be transplanted!" squash whininess.

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