Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Three Days of "Fun"

Mom got here Sunday afternoon. Each day of her visit so far has had a theme.

Sunday was "tedious boredom". She met us at the hospital for several hours of boring monitoring to make sure everything was fine after I tripped over my own feet and landed on the belly.

Monday was "fun excitement". My friends hosted a baby shower for me and we got to quilt on the color wheel and eat scrumptious soup.

Mom and I had to get the quilt pinned and ready to get set up on the frame in the morning. It's so hard on the knees but, between the two of us, we got it done. (We forgot to take pictures on the frame at the shower. I'll try to get some soon.)

Someone also taught us how to divine the gender of a baby by holding a gold ring tied to one of the mother's hairs over the belly and noticing what pattern it swings in (circles = girl or back and forth = boy). All three of my former students who were there gave it a try and we've now got conflicting "proof" supporting it's one of following options - boy, girl, both or neither. Glad we got that cleared up! :)

Tuesday was "what else can possibly go wrong". We went to the version attempt early in the morning to try and flip baby out of breech. After an extremely painful 45 minutes of trying we figured out baby's not going anywhere for some reason, so it looks like a c-section is in our imminent future. After I got released, coming home with an extremely tender belly, we were greeted by Marbles limping badly with dried blood on his leg. We got to the vet and, thankfully, it was just a nasty bite wound on his leg - no infection, no bone or nerve involvement. It is on his "good" back leg though (the one with a hip joint) and it's causing him a bit of pain so he's pretty crippled. Mom had also managed to tweak her knee and was limping so we were starting to be quite the household.

Today we've had an uneventful regular midwife appointment and are going to get some harvesting done so hopefully we're going to get some routine going. I think I'd be okay with days themed by "peaceful routine" for a while.

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