Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Making Homemade Baby Wipes and Nursing Pads

Based on the size of the box Mom brought, I tore 7" wide strips of flannel from the full size fitted sheet I'd bought on clearance and stacked them all together.

Using the rotary cutter, I cut 8" long pieces from the strips.

Each rectangle got a serged edge. I ended up with 61 wipes.

I used 1 pint of water and 2 t. of Baby Wipe Juice to dampen 3 dozen of the wipes in the big box.

Mom layered two layers of flannel and one layer of fleece together. She traced around a CD and cut the circles out of all three layers. She then used the serger around the edge to hold them all together. I was appreciative for this post from Passionate Homemaking in telling how to make them.

In honor of baby's birthday tomorrow I've got a post lined up of the (finally) finished nursery and we can hopefully get a picture up of the baby itself on Thursday!

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Edwards/Jackson said...

Good luck to you and Quentin with the baby's arrival tomorrow. I'm very excited to see your little one!