Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lane County Fair 2011

So, I went a little crazy entering things in the fair this year. Ten entries in textiles, 25 in food preservation and 2 in land products. Part of the reason I put in so many entries is that with 25 preservation entries I got a free admission ticket so Mom and I went today on "senior day" and got several hours of entertainment that cost only her $2 admission fee. Overall, I'm pleased with how I did and managed to win just over $100 in premiums as well as a couple of special bonus awards, not a bad reward for stuff I was going to do anyway. It kind of feels like cheating since mine were the only entries in some categories where I got "1sts" but if they feel like giving the premium away, I'm willing to take it. :)

Below are the results so I can remember and compare next year.

Land Products
We'd never entered anything here before and I was really excited we placed in both categories.
We won 1st in the brown eggs (out of 5 entries) and I think the "Special Award" is Eggs Best in Show (out of 9 entries)

We were 3rd out of 5 in the Medium Strained Honey. You may recall the honey harvest; the end product looks so neat and clean compared to the process.

Textiles - 4 1st, 2 2nd, 2 Honorable Mention
Lester the Fox looks so cute on his outing to the Fair. I love the octopus to the left!

The cloud and grass sweater got 1st in Knitting Original Design and a special award for Most Creative from Ben Franklin Crafts.

I think this was the only entry in Texture Patterns: Pullover with Sleeves. :)

There was one other entry in Texture Pattern: Cardigan with Sleeves.

The purple and black hat got only an honorable mention but I included the picture because it has the first place over to the left. Aren't those whales amazing? I wish we'd thought to get a picture of 2nd place - it's flames going up the hat and changing colors - red, orange, and gold.

Food Preservation - 11 1st, 8 2nd, 4 Honorable Mention

Oregano was 1st out of 11 competitors!

I was the only entrant in three of the four fruit leather categories. Guess what? I got 1st! ;)

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