Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So, in my family we play a lot of Scrabble. When Mom's here, we average about a game a day. We're currently tied at five games apiece, so I know she's been here 10 days. ;)

Last night's board was one of the most compact we've ever made. We were pretty proud of the dense blocks of tiles.

We have also been working on the color wheel quilt, making large batches of food for the freezer (which I've been systematically organizing and rotating through), and picking and preserving many blueberries and blackberries. So far, Mom has made 18 quarts of blueberry pie filling and 7 quarts of blackberry for her fall sale. There are also blackberries in the fridge to make another 7 quarts. We're hoping to get most of her blackberry picking needs met before next week's surgery takes me out of commission. On to picking for jam on Friday! Tomorrow is our day to go to the County Fair! Despite the aches and pains, I'm trying to appreciate how easy it is to take the baby places right now, everything sure gets more complicated once they're no longer in utero.

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