Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Day Home

I apologize in advance to anyone who reads this, if you want to read things besides cute baby pictures, you probably want to start reading again in a few weeks when I quit being quite so fixated on the baby girl. :)

We came home yesterday afternoon from the hospital. It was nice having a few days to get used to baby and recover from the surgery before coming home but it is wonderful to be back.
Q tried to get as much sleep as possible while we were being taken care of at the hospital. Their Mama Baby rooming in rooms are fantastic. He sure loves his little "Peanut".

I invited a few of my students to visit while we were there. Before Willow received her first visitors we decided we should dress her for the first time.

Q learned how to wear the Maya wrap today. One little hand was the only thing showing.
Since we're still having to pump then use a syringe to feed (Willow's still learning to latch) Q has decided to take care of all the feeding equipment. He found it handy to babywear while he did it today. She just seems so small to actually be put down somewhere and with three adoring adults around we easily never have to. :)
The cats are sad to be locked out of our room at night but they still get to sun at the sliding door during the day.

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