Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sprout's Nursery

We should have a baby by about 12:45p today!

The final touches are finally done in the nursery and I love love love this room. The paint is Yolo Colorhouse Sprout.04 and Water.02. We were amazed by how little we actually had to buy for the room.

We already owned all the books and toys and took some bookcases from a different part of the house. I did the art quilt on the wall several years ago. The lamp was from Fred Meyers; we chose it because it's got a torchiere and reading light with different options for brightness. The glider is our beloved Dutalier that both reclines and glides. The sheepskin was from Ikea.

The swan is a watercolor I did in Teacher Training and Q did the charcoal bunny this spring.

The crib and dresser were Q's from childhood. The end panel at the wall is plexiglass and had primary color balloons on it so Q scraped them off with a razor blade and then we painted it. Mom and Dad bought us the chair at Fred Meyer. We wanted to have two seats in there so Q can hang out while I nurse and later on we can both be there for storytime.

Mama made the curtains I'd kept putting off with fabric we picked up at Mill End in Portland. I love how they turned out.

The dresser had primary color strips above the drawers which we painted over. The paintings, from left to right, are a print of Archangel Michael that we've had for a long time, a watercolor of a penguin we bought from an artist at May Faire, and the fresco my students did in 7th grade chemistry. I'm sure the stroller will end up finding a place in the body of the house closer to the door when we start using it. It's the Chicco Liteway.

Here's the changing table folded out. The changing pad is made from PUL and batting. The cover is made from fabric that Mom found at Goodwill that matched the room remarkably well. I've got enough to make spare cover as well.
The wall with our picture on it is going to be the "family tree" wall. We're going to put up framed pictures of all the grandparents and aunts and uncles.

Here are the before pictures...

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Jumpin' Bean said...

That is one lucky baby!!!!