Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yet more harvesting...

Mom and I harvested the first 14 pounds of plums off our tree for the year. They leave tomorrow morning and we canned 7 quarts for her. This is the first year they've managed to stay late enough (just a few days) to get the first ripe ones. Mom is very excited, canned plums being a favorite of hers. We also cleared out all that brush in front of it and took out quite a few dead bits.
Three stages of eggplant babydom - blossom on top, tiny white beginning, and, finally, thumb sized. We've got at least four of the larger sized ones going on the "Casper" (white) and we're just starting to get a couple started on the purple.

Last night's dinner. Q has figured out how to grill chicken to perfection and among the 4 of us, we polished off 12 ears of corn. Q was the big winner in that contest by far. (Not our corn yet but hopefully soon!)

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