Friday, August 21, 2009

Garden Progress

The edamame crop came in today. I picked a tester batch yesterday and Q thought they were delightful before dinner so everybody else came in. Weird to have a crop that just ripens all at once. We got over a pound more, so the total is about 1 1/2 lb. for the year. Not bad for 4 square feet of bed, especially when you think about the nutritional value of the little buggers. (By the way, isn't that nutritional data site awesome? I especially like the "more filling"/"nutritious" matrix. )

We had the most fantastic dinner last night but the camera batteries were being silly so no pictures. It was mashed turnips, peas, pan-fried kielbasa, and onion gravy. It was inspired by bangers and mash but any English person who saw it would be mortified. However, the turnips made it much more nutritionally balanced than potatoes. Truly divine and it has to make it into the regular rotation.

We now seem to have four pumpkins started and a ton of blossoms. Two that are about the size of the top picture, the one in the bottom picture, and one that is smaller.

This is the first Jumbo Pink Banana Squash, which seems to be growing rapidly. There are many other blossoms and I think there may be a couple more just beginning.

This monster keeps getting closer and closer to ripe. Maybe tomorrow?

Eggplants also seem to be growing remarkably quickly. I've got three this size and a few more started.

This morning it's cloudy and damp and all the snails were out feasting. I removed over 20 adults from the front perennial bed and removed an entire lupines. It seemed to be entirely infested with them and a potential source of the trouble. I wasn't too sorry though since it really was too close to the corn. Hopefully, it will aid the slug/snail problem to have it gone.

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