Friday, August 14, 2009

Colorful Harvest and More Yard Work

Today's harvest - the first of the carrots, the first cuke, two of the first tomatoes, almost the last peas, and the very last radishes. The last radishes were found when Mom and I severely rooted out the radish/pea bed today. They'd been hiding and stayed very small.

The bolting seed radishes now have some space around them and we left just a few pea plants that still have quite a few unfinished pods and blossoms. Since the tomatoes (behind) are trying to take over that bed it's nice to not have the constant pea vine/tomato fights to break up.
The new strawberry bed has been planted. I don't think all of them will survive but I know some will and I've got plenty more I could transplant from the remaining "strawberry hill" (see below). My suspicion, however, is that it doesn't matter, as even only a few remaining plants will send out runners to populate the new bed in no time flat.
The moved beds are full of nice fresh dirt from the driveway pile, ready for planting.
After moving the beds we left "strawberry hill" to keep doing it's thing. The bolted lettuce at the left will have seed harvested and then that dirt pile will be moved. The rhubarb is getting moved this fall into one of the moved beds. At the back you can see the cinder blocks ready to be made into a compost bin. I don't have a before picture of this side of the house but it was heavily overgrown with weeds, strawberries and the bush by the chimney was about 12 feet high. Mom and Q and I worked a lot!
The lettuce forest is still producing even as many of the plants are bolting, ready to produce my seeds for next year. (Or even this fall, apparently; with a bit of protection I can get some year round lettuce growing.)

Still so proud of this basil that I thought was dead as little seedlings. Need to make pesto very soon.

Last night's dessert - Triple Berry Crumble - strawberries, blueberries and blackberries, all local.

Mama and I picked 14 pounds of blueberries yesterday. I've now got 2 gallons frozen, we've eaten a lot :D, and Mom's got some frozen ready for triple berry pies for this year's boutique.

We also went to the house of the lovely free apple man yesterday and picked up 96 pounds of apples. They're Gravensteins and it's the end of their season but after the required "surgery" on them they will provide the apples for her apple pies for the boutique. She's so industrious. I always feel like a fairly high energy person until Mom's around. :) May I grow up to be like my mother.

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