Monday, August 17, 2009

Biggest Juicebox Ever

....okay, okay, we were actually just stirring with PVC, but don't you just want to suck on it like a straw?!

We tested the cider and found that it had 0% potential alcohol by volume and a specific gravity of 1.000. Needless to say, it was very dry. Q and I played with adding 1/2t. sugar at a time to the sample until we liked it. There was a lot of sampling - and it was very, very yummy. Finally, we got to a sample we liked. (I like a fairly sweet hard cider.) We figured out how much sugar we had to add to the whole 5 gallons and put that into the second carboy. We then siphoned the cider from the first carboy to the second and stirred to dissolve the sugar. The airlock was replaced but there doesn't seem to be any more fermentation going on. Looks like the alcohol content is high enough to kill the yeast. The dregs from the first carboy still seemed like we would be wasting a lot, so we poured most of them into a pitcher and have been letting it sit to resettle before siphoning it into the new carboy as well. Figure we'll give it a few days to make sure fermentation has really stopped and then bottle her up and set it aside to age a few weeks.

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