Thursday, June 13, 2013

Two weeks old

Baby girl had a quiet day,  just recovering from surgery and under heavy sedation.  They took her off the paralytic in the morning but,  for the most part,  the vent has still been breathing for her.  When she's more awake she does start taking breaths so we'll see how that goes when  her post surgical pain is decreased and we can let her be more alert.  She has been put down as low as 30% O2.

All day, her temperature was running at  high normal.  Around dinner time it hit the high (38 Celsius)  where they do tests for infection. I  got nervous and when  Mom offered to come stay with  Wil, I  jumped at the chance to go back to the hospital.  When we got back,  they had given her Tylenol for the fever and her temp and heart rate were much better.  The complete blood count, urine culture, and procalcitonin all came back without giving indication that she has an infection.  With those positive preliminary results,  we're assuming the blood cultures will likely come back negative.  The origin of the slight fever is remaining a mystery.  She tends to run warm so it's possibly just her reaction to the surgery.

 We've got an x-ray and an echocardiogram scheduled for Thursday so we'll get a peek at how everything is adjusting to its new placement.

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