Wednesday, June 5, 2013

One week old

Today started off well and we're pretty excited that she's made it one week.  Unfortunately,  her temp has been running just a little bit high, her blood pressure
 is a bit high,  and her heart rate kept going a little too high.  Late this afternoon,  the doctor ordered a CBC (complete  blood  count) to check her white blood cells (came back  normal) and a CRP (C-reactive protein),  which came back elevated.  CRP is a  marker for inflammation  and can indicate infection. It is high enough that they reacted  but not super high so if there is an infection,  they likely caught it early.  They started her on  two wide spectrum antibiotics  and took more samples to start some cultures for specific bacteria.  Preliminary results will come back in about 24 hours. They are also going to rerun the CRP tomorrow at  some time to see which way the numbers are trending.

 We tried to go home tonight.  It was wonderful to see Willow  before bed and get some snuggles.  We really tried to convince ourselves to stay home but just knew we'd feel better at the hospital.  Mom is so wonderful to stay with our big girl.  When we got to the last highway entrance,  traffic just stopped.  The last mile and a half to the hospital took  an  hour,  not good when our stress levels are already high.  We were unimpressed with their traffic  management choices for this road work because we got no warning until it was too late to take a different route.

 Keep the positive thoughts coming.  We knew there would be bumps in the road but we just keep holding on to our picture of the destination -  two healthy girls safe at home.

I  didn't happen to get pictures of Clarity today so here's are pictures of my beautiful big girl,  courtesy of Grandma.

I think she looks like a  Renaissance painting (until  you see the bulldog  jammies).


laod said...

We're thinking about you and your beautiful girls. Love you guys.

-Jared & Kara

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