Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 6 NICU

 It's so lovely not really having anything to report.  They've been trying to wean her down on the fentanyl (opioid narcotic)  again and are trying to ease the transition by increasing her  Versed (anti-anxiety).  The  doc is going to also be conferencing with the rest of the team to come up with a weaning plan for the dopamine and epinephrine as we gradual entrust her with more and more of her own self-regulation again.

 She got pretty mad at us today during some cares and opened her eyes a whole bunch. A  couple of times they were open long enough to focus in on us a little. Most of the time her  expression seemed to range from a glare to disgusted skepticism.  It was adorable.  Her hands also kept escaping from the swaddle band.  She really wants to keep her left one up next to her mouth but we don't want her accidentally pulling her tube.

 Two aunts and an uncle of mine were able to make a quick journey today and meet Clarity for the first time.  One  aunt and  uncle  live in Grand Junction  and they managed to arrange a very quick 24  hour trip just to see her. I sure did love showing her off to new people.  They fulfilled their duty and agreed with me that she was perfect.

 After their visit at the hospital,  we all ended up at our house where everybody managed to throw together a really good dinner out of what was on hand/given  to  us.  Mom made a pink frosted birthday cake -  her  one week birthday is already tomorrow!  Willow spent the whole day at her house with Grandma Jill after sleeping in her own bed last night. All that wonderful home comfort combined with a long afternoon nap meant we came home to the sweetest most effervescent girl.  She just kept running the loop through the kitchen/ dining room/ living room/ entryway,  stopping and laughing as she met people along the way.  I am so glad that some sleep and routine has so quickly returned the girl we know and love to us.  Sensitive temper tantrum  throwing  Willow isn't nearly as enjoyable.

 The big milestone tonight is that  Willow, Q  and I  are all sleeping under our own roof again,  just our little family.  It was a  little weird leaving Clarity at the hospital without one of us nearby but it feels good to be returning to some aspects of life as usual.  Tomorrow,  Mom is watching  Willow and my brother's son at our house while Q  and I  spend the day at the hospital again.  We've gotta soak up these sweet tiny newborn days and make sure she knows that we're watching over her.


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