Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 26 NICU

Okay, we're going to build up to the most exciting news of the day at the end of the post. It was a pretty exciting day all around.  First, above, Willow came to visit with Grandma and went to the Play Center for a couple of hours.  It is awesome free childcare for siblings of patients.  She loves it there.  Today, she painted a wooden duck and created a picture using those precut foam pieces.  When we got back to Clarity's room she proceeded to pull them all off the sheet and adorn herself instead. She was so proud of the results.

 While  Wil was downstairs playing, Grandma got  to hold Clarity for the first time. Both ladies seem to approve of each other.  

 Clarity wore her first actual outfit today. I  couldn't resist this in the thrift store a few months ago.  She still has her PICC  line and she's tiny so we didn't bother with the arms but she's still cute as a bug. I caught the picture while she was yawning too!

Okay, last,  most exciting  news.  Look at her right cheek in this picture and the one above.  We lost a tube between the two shots!  They pulled her orogastric tube today.  It had been suctioning stomach contents.  Even though she was still having more output than they'd like,  it was clearly just stomach bile and no food was coming up.  They decided that the extra tube might be contributing to the problem so they pulled it.  We really hope she doesn't start spitting up now and they decide to reinsert it. They also started increasing her feeds again so hopefully we'll get to taking milk as her only nourishment soon through her nose tube.  When that happens we can lose her last line and she'll have her other hand free. Her mouth is finally completely empty - at least until she started happily sticking her free hand in there.  :-)  It's just the sweetest,  most kissable little mouth.  She also looks even more like Wil now.  So in love with this little girl.

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