Monday, May 31, 2010

Q's Linen Shirt

I made this shirt for Q at Christmas but he didn't quite like the fit so I put it to the side to fix. Ever since then, when I've felt like working on it he wasn't home and I needed him around as I worked so it's just been sitting. Finally, the stars aligned tonight and I felt like working on it while he was home. I adjusted the side seams so they taper in a bit to get rid of some flaring at the bottom and shortened the sleeves by about 1". I think I could taper the sides even more. We'll let him wear this one for a while and then decide what needs to happen for the third incarnation. (The first incarnation is here.)

I bought Simplicity 4760 at JoAnn's Fabrics' Memorial Day sale today. He's already requested a "view B" short sleeve button down from it. I think I'll have to size it up though. That barrel chest of his defies even "XL" pattern sizes. I also got a 12 yd. bolt of 60" muslin at a really good price; I'm so tired of running out when I want to create a pattern or try something out. They also had a sample made up of Simplicity 2886 and it was so cute that I couldn't resist it at the awesome $1 sale price. I'm going to use a piece of cotton fabric (maybe a lawn weight?) that I couldn't resist there a few weeks ago. Pictures hopefully coming soon...

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