Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Faire Vending

Yesterday Q and I had a booth at the school's May Faire celebration. Luckily, we were right next to the food booth that my class was responsible for, so I also ended up working the last couple of hours there when we got shorthanded. It was the debut of Q's jewelry. For close up pictures of his beautiful pendants, go here. It's worth clicking on the pictures to get larger views. I'm totally impressed by his work.

Here is our table at the beginning of the day. We didn't get a lot of sales but it was fun and we managed to make enough profit to pay for the lunch we bought there in support of the school. The owl hat sold and the copper pendant sold.

The bottom right rug also sold. The rugs are my new pet project. I was given many many skeins of yarn (several drawerfuls) by Q's grandmother, who's infirm enough that she no longer knits. It's acrylic stuff that I would normally not use. I got out the size 19 needles and have been knitting it into rugs using five strands simultaneously. Those 2'x3' rugs are only 30 stitches across and 80 rows long. I'm calling them "scrap yarn rugs" because I'm sometimes switching colors partway through when I run out of one skein. The garter stitch and so many plies are making them super squishy and rather non-skid because if it. I'm marketing them as perfect for pets (Digit immediately settles in if one is laid down) as well as in kitchens and bathrooms. They wash really well. I washed all of the ones shown before bringing them to the fair. It's a good way to make sure that the sometimes label-less yarn skeins were really acrylic or superwash. I figure if anything felts, Greenhill Humane will still appreciate the donation. Similarly, if they end up not selling, Greenhill will get many nice new blankets and I will get nice empty storage space. I think they're a win all around in that way. :)

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