Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lane County Fair 2010

Today was the opening day for the Fair. I love the fair! Q was especially excited to go this year because he wanted to look at the chickens. He also has a weakness for ducks so we always enjoy visiting those and he is a photography fan. There is also always a litter of piglets and some baby bunnies. My favorite parts are also the Grange exhibits and the produce, textiles, and food preservation entries.

I entered items in the Textiles and Food Preservation departments for the first time. After all the stories I heard growing up about my Mom and her sisters participating in 4-H and entering things in the fair as children, I felt like I was joining a family tradition.

Of the 4 Textile entries and 7 Food Preservation entries, I placed with everything except my dried oregano (I won't crunch up the leaves next year - apparently good for actually using it, bad for winning with it) and the canned plums. I think I could do better in the Dill Pickles (stuff more dill into the jar) and dried cherries (preserve with a honey dip instead of citric) but $30 in premiums is a nice bonus along with the fun of the ribbons (even if the competition is sometimes a little scant).

I'm sure I'll have an eye to next year's entries as we use our canned goods through the winter and as I knit and sew for us. I think that Q will have to forgo one of his jars of peaches in the name of the fair. :)

Toy Turtle knit for baby Cullan (1st out of about 5)

Baby Cardigan knit for baby Cullan
(entered under the knits - original design category, 1st out of 2)

Linen shirt sewn for Q (2nd out of 2)
Cog Mitts knit for Q (3rd out of 5)

Cherry Pie Filling (1st out of 3)

Tomato Sauce (2nd out of 5)

Pickled Beets (3rd out of 4)

Dried Cherries (3rd out of ?)

Dill Pickles (4th out of 6)

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Aunt Bee's Garden said...

Congratulations on your fair entries! So impressed. you may have inspired me to try for our fair next year.