Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fried Squash Blossoms

We arrived in Colorado last night and today I got the grand garden tour from Mom, including the "mystery vine" that planted itself this spring, took off like crazy (attempting to eat the air conditioner), and has recently been identified as a pumpkin. She's got several nice looking pumpkins and we carefully trimmed back all of the vines that weren't holding fruit already. We'd both heard of eating squash blossoms and today seemed like a good day to try it.

The filling was put together out of what was in her fridge - a couple of slices of pepper jack, crumbled; some cream cheese; basil and parsley from the garden; and garlic powder.
After being dipped in egg and coated in flour, they were fried in olive oil.
They turned out delicious. In this recipe the blossom doesn't seem to add a lot of character to the product but being a cheese delivery system seems like a valid purpose in itself.
We also had the last of her meager corn crop for lunch. They had a hail storm in early summer. It was pretty impressive that the stalks produced anything. They're not much to look at but the flavor is excellent.

Her tomato plants, however, managed to get fairly well protected and went absolutely crazy. I'm very likely making myself sick on delicious cherry tomatoes. I'm so jealous since mine were just turning when we left.

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