Saturday, July 24, 2010

Racking Day

Today we racked the cherry wine (started 7/12, 1 gal) and the apple cider (started 7/1, 5 gal). They both had used up all their sugar and were down to a specific gravity of 1.000.

We racked the wine and left it as is. We're supposed to rack it again in a couple of weeks and then every couple of months until no sediment settles at the bottom. It started at 1.090, which means it has an alcohol content of about 12%. We tasted a sip. Right now that's a very young wine but it has potential. It is very fruity.

The cider got racked and then we added 4 cups of sugar to bring the specific gravity back up to 1.020 and added 1/2 t potassium metabisulfite to kill the yeast so they don't ferment the new sugar. That batch started at 1.060, so it's about 7.5% alcohol. We'll bottle in a few days and let it age a few weeks before we have cider again.

We also went to Bite of Eugene today - a very good thing. Tomorrow, I've got a lead on some peaches and pie cherries. Nums!

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