Monday, July 5, 2010

Early July Garden

I'm in Sacramento now for training but here are some pictures I took on the Friday before I left.

Morning tea was after my run and some harvesting. Coop is an excellent book. I was reading parts aloud to Q and he decided that he has to read the whole thing to himself.

Here's the side bed. I need to pull out most of the calendula and lettuce and sidedress the corn when I get home. We've got some calendula drying. Apparently it's an excellent ingredient in a soothing cream after the dried flowers have been infused into oil. I found a recipe that calls for beeswax too so we could use lots of our own production.

Potatoes (need to be mulched)

The perennial forest

The peas are taller than me.

I built this new trellis for the Bingo beans.

The asparagus have finally done something. Currently, it looks like they're all alive.

From front to back:
Misono Green soy, black eyed peas (very small), fava beans, and the Bingos

The carrot bed that I replanted twice and refused to grow more than 4 carrot seedlings was replanted with Envy soy, which is doing much better. (I did leave the four carrots and planted around them. They're looking nice so far.)

The first tomatoes


The whole yard

The harvest

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Edwards/Jackson said...

Everything looks great! I am particularly envious of your book, tea and fruit picture. I would love a morning like that! :)