Saturday, March 20, 2010

Swarming Bees and Retaining Walls

The first picture is tricky to see but there was a swarm of bees settled on the tree across the street today.
It forms the third point of an equilateral triangle with the bottom two angles at the places where the two house roofs join the walls.

A little closer...

And very close. The bees were all crawling all over. I wonder if it will be there tomorrow.

Here's the new retaining wall Q put in this weekend and last. The potatoes are going to be between the chives (far left) and the white post. The white posts are marking where we are going to put in wooden post to create the grape trellis. Looks like we'll have space for 4 grape plants and the space farthest from the road can be used for raspberries.

Q mowed the grass today and we got the cloche frames over a couple of the beds, ready for the tomatoes and peppers in about six weeks.

Grass had been trying to take over the big strawberry bed. I admit, I finally gave up on physical control methods and turned to a grass killer. I feel pretty good about this because the strawberries hadn't really leafed out yet. I've gotten the dead grass mostly removed now. There are still about 8 square feet at the corner under the window that I just couldn't bring myself to finish with today. It's spring break though so I have high hopes of getting it done Monday. If the allergies don't kill me first. :)

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