Monday, June 8, 2009

First Strawberries

So, ever so often teaching has it's perks. Thanks to a scheme by the teacher below me for the middle school classes to make ice cream during the afternoon of the All Grades Outing on Wednesday I had an excuse to buy an ice cream maker and my first flat of berries for the season from Thistledown. It's actually quite difficult anymore to find a hand-cranked machine (it also has an electric option though).
I have to agree with the other teacher - a 3 mile long extension cord would probably not be practical for getting it to the park. :)
I have a feeling that this is a warm-up flat though. After giving some to the neighbors (as a thank you for the beautiful home grown eggs they gifted us) and ice creaming 9 cups and giving the kids 3 or 4 cups to keep them from eating the ice cream berries and the quantities that keep disappearing every time I walk through the kitchen and....well, I don't think any will make it to the freezer.
We've still got about 6 pints of jam from last year, so I just need to freeze this year for my neverending smoothie obsession. I have now got a responsibility to fill that glorious new freezer full. Only 4 days until delivery!
I can't wait until this weekend when Q has promised to take me picking. A new freezer and a weekend of berry picking/processing - what a great way to celebrate the end of school!

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