Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baby Praying Mantises

A few weeks ago, Q couldn't resist buying a praying mantis egg at the check-out when we were at Down To Earth. Praying mantises are very good for gardens because they are carnivores and gobble up all the naughty, vegetable eating insects. The bag said to keep the egg in something with breathing holes if you wanted to see them when they hatched before releasing them. Well, duh, of course we wanted to see them!
This morning, Q walked into the kitchen and Binky was looking quizzically at the jar on the window sill. They'd hatched! Aren't they funny?
We took the jar outside and released them. This little guy is the first one who decided to make a break for it. Hopefully some will survive to maturity and maybe even lay an egg or two in our garden to keep their population going next year.
I rode 11 miles on my bike today by keeping Q company on the way to work and then taking the long way home. After getting home, I weeded for a couple of hours. I hope I won't be too sore tomorrow. Embarrassing to admit, but that's more exercise than I usually get lately.

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