Sunday, August 4, 2013

This week's garden...

Thanks to Mom and frequent afternoon thunderstorms the garden survives. In fact, it's sort of thriving. I think Colorado is trying to show me what it can do on the horticultural front since I've been rather skeptical after years in Oregon.
First sunflower I got to blossom. (In Eugene, slugs always seemed to chew the buds off before they flowered)

Tomatoes going crazy in the huge cages my Grandfather made Grandma about 50 years ago.
We have funny heirlooms around here.
By the way, I started these guys from seed.

Broccoli and eggplant starts are still trying to decide whether to produce.

The surviving two artichoke plants from the dozen seeds I sprouted in February.
Not a rousing success, which somehow makes me more determined.

Funny story about the melon/squash/cucumber row. I got the seedlings all mixed up after starting them from seed inside. It's kind of fun seeing what starts fruiting since I can't recognize them from the leaves. I'm pretty sure this is a watermelon pumpkin.

There's a bee nestled deep into this mystery blossom.

I'm not sure they know what each of them are anymore. It's a little out of control. 

Saturday morning's harvest - a few Roma and cherry tomatoes, 5 cucumbers, a green pepper, and an ancho pepper.

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Jumpin' Bean said...

I'm using that pickle recipe today...the cucumbers are in the ice water bath as I type.