Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Odds and Ends

Yep, thanks to the fact mom comes down each day, I had time to make 4 quarts of pickles with cucumbers from the garden today. There should be enough more ready in a couple of days to make another few jars. We absolutely loved the pickles from the recipe I used last time so we're having them again. I can't believe that was four years ago. This time I think we'll end up with fewer jars and more people to share them with so maybe I can start making pickles yearly. I really like doing it. It's so easy and assembling the jars always feels kind of artistic. One of the many benefits of now living close to family is being able to can as much as I want and know I can probably fob the results off on people as gifts, especially since I despise feeding the consumerism that runs rampant around the holidays.

I'm feeling very foolish that I didn't think to plant dill. Next year, next year...

So, having a toddler is awesome. Everybody must get tired of hearing that, but it is. I love her earnest concentration and the way her diapered butt wiggles as she purposefully dashes toward her next job. She sets and clears the table. She shells peas and shucks corn. She puts dirty clothes in the laundry basket and helps "fold" clean clothes (also known as piling them in a heap, topped off by an emphatic pat).  Clarity has diapers and pacifiers fetched for her and gets copious big sister kisses, hugs and pats. She intensely watches and attempts to learn how to do every job and feeling like she's making meaningful contributions is the highlight of her day.

Her play is just as serious. For the last couple of days, she will spend a solid half hour at a time silently absorbed in scribbling with crayons on paper. She sits with her legs straight out in front of her with the phone book on her lap and "reads" to herself until I come to check on her because it's gotten so quiet. Today, she finally started being able to string her beads onto their lace with no help but until now she has spent the last week transferring them from cup to bag to box to couch cushion to cup to...

The best part is the way she will just look up at you in the middle of a task with a huge grin and laughing eyes. "Isn't this the greatest thing ever?"

Once more, toddlers are so incredibly cool.

This weekend was Quentin's grandma's 90th birthday and was the first time all the cousins were together. Q's got pictures of the rest of the family to post. I just took pictures of the kiddos. Cousin Cooper is only 7 weeks older than Clarity but she's so tiny compared to him!

And, finally, Ms. C just keeps clicking along. She only gained 2 oz. in the last week instead of the expected 8-16 oz. so we'll have to talk about that with the doctor on Friday. I'm guessing we'll probably put her on to 24 cal. milk (currently, it's supplemented up to 22 cal/oz) and maybe look at increasing the volume a little through the use of a couple of larger continuous night time feeds. She's doing wonderfully on her oxygen though and gets occupational therapy twice a week. We're working really hard on feeding and I feel like we're slowly gaining a little ground.

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Edwards/Jackson said...

It's great to read that you all seem to be thriving! I love the toddler age too (for the most part). Everyone talks about the 'terrible' twos/threes and while some days feel terrible- there are so many more great moments than hard moments. Enjoy 'helpful' Willow!