Thursday, August 15, 2013

Garden on August 14

The sumac/grass forest at the right makes it hard to differentiate the end of the garden. Unfortunately, that's my dream project this week.

Wednesday's harvest - cherry and Roma tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers and two anchos.
I used the anchos (plus one picked previously) for a first attempt at chile rellenos using this recipe.
They were good although anchos have a bit of kick. I think I'll search harder for anaheims next year and not just trust a tag that says they're good for rellenos. I've still got about 6 anchos on the plant so I'll get at least one more practice session this season.

First eggplant, although the plants are large, healthy and covered in blossoms

I've never gotten broccoli to produce more than a sprig before. I'm not sure when to harvest.

An online article suggested that ripe jalapenos will have corking, which sounds like stretchmark-like blemishes. We'll see. I've never grown them before either.

  About 4 or 5 softball sized watermelons are hiding among the vines

Two cantaloupe like melons, from an Adaptive Seed Company package entitled "Melons", specially chosen for cool climates

We have about 4 pumpkins.

There are 2 or 3 banana pink jumbo squash.

I had to include a picture of Monday's labor - 4 more quarts of pickles and 3 pints of marinara

Willow keeping baby's seat warm.

Clarity "eating" her breakfast

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