Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 58 NICU - Going home!

On Friday, July 26, Clarity finally came home at the age of 8 weeks, 2 days. She's still on 1/8 liter of O2 and wears a pulse oximeter. She gets 68ml of 22 calorie fortified breastmilk through her g-tube every 3 hours along with a dose of sildenafil every 8 hours. She'll be done with her ativan  and  methadone weans in a few days.

It's not like bringing a regular newborn home.  Between the constant alarms from her pulse ox and g-tube feedings that last one hour out of every three, we got almost no sleep on her first night home.  The second one went better after we tweaked the oxygen up a bit and she's keeping in her narrow allowed range (95-99%) more consistently. She seems to like 5/32 liter (which is not on the scale but 1/8 sats a little low and 3/16 ends up satting 100% a bit too much). Mom's going to start helping me out on Monday and I'll get to skip one feeding during the afternoon and get one consolidated sleep period (longer than 1 1/2 hours) each day.
Headed out of the NICU (Clarity is in my wagon, her feet visible covered by a blue blanket.
 The girls strapped in for their first ride together.

Clarity's first meal at home

Our first family meal
Cousin Cullan's birthday party at the park, the day after we got home.
Clarity's stroller is visible in the upper right.

Her first follow up visit to her regular pediatrician is on Monday morning. It will be interesting to see what they feel comfortable handling and what we'll need to follow up with the specialists at Children's through the years.

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