Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Garden

I finally have a garden to post pictures of again.  Everything is growing fairly well. There are lots of green tomatoes and tiny beginnings of peppers. The squash at the far side seem to have something gnawing on them. I need to plant another route of nasturtiums  and other flowers next year so the bugs can get sated on them before they get to my food plants. I think we'll get some squash and cucumbers anyway.

Sunday morning, I noticed that I no longer saw any blossoms on the peas. Realizing that I'd actually been admiring them several days ago, it dawned on me that they may have become peas. ( Doh!  Time flies.)  Sure enough, I got a pretty good harvest.  Last night Daddy taught Wil how to pop them out of the shell and they did enough for dinner.  Wil would have kept going by herself forever, I  think.  Bedtime intervened.

 Her love of work delights me. I  know it's a toddler phase but hopefully we can make it habit during these early days and she keeps it up.  She loves setting and clearing the table, one fork or napkin at a time, back and forth.  When I'm cooking,  she sweeps the kitchen and "empties"  the dust pan into the trash.  If only she ever got anything into it.  At the park, her favorite activity is gathering up discarded water bottles and bits of trash and putting them in the trash can.  She's getting pretty good at stacking up her little "mouth mops" when we fold laundry but she hasn't quite mastered spreading something bigger out flat and folding it yet.  This shortcoming frustrates her so I'm sure she'll get it mastered soon with as hard as she works. Keep up the good work, big girl!

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