Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Chickens

After they went to roost last night, we moved our old girls in with the new girls. They've all been exploring the new yard this morning without too much fuss. Just a little posturing.
Here's one of the Speckled Sussex. They look exactly alike.
Here's our Silver Laced Wyandotte.
Little Miss and the new sexlink also look almost identical. Here's the new coop and the new yard. We haven't gotten the water/food/shell/grit locations finalized yet, but I made sure they have plenty of all of the above this morning.
The lady we bought them from says the girls are 7 months old but she said they are all just coming out of a molt?! Seems young for that to me but she says the Sussex haven't started laying again. The sexlink lays big beautiful dark brown eggs though.

I don't know where we're going to put the new beehive we get this spring now that the chickens have their old spot but it really seems like a perfect place for the new chicken yard.

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qhartman said...

When you mentioned the beehive, it gave me wacky idea. Howabout putting it on top of the coop? The logistics of it might be a little weird, but if we had the entrance of the hive facing the fence or chicken yard they shouldn't interfere with chicken keeping duties....