Saturday, May 7, 2011

How does your garden grow?

I simply had to get some starts started inside this year as a matter of principle. Using 4" containers, I got a bunch of melon and summer and winter squash seeds started last Monday. The first few sprouts were up by today (Saturday). Since they tend to develop rapidly, don't like transplanting, and want really warm soil I thought I might be adventurous and maybe get a few weeks head start out of the experiment. I'm very late but I did some tomatoes, eggplant, and cauliflower as well (I'll probably end up buying starts anyway).

Out in the yard...
The oats are up.

Strawberry blossoms are out in force. Last year's first berries were at the very end of May.

Radish seedlings

Pea sprout

Now that we've finally had some warmer weather the lettuce is starting to develop.

The grapes are really springing to life, even the one that I thought was dead.

Looking tastier every day, yes?

We bought the paint for baby's room today since the special order glider finally came so we could be assured of a good match. We're using Yolo Colorhouse Sprout.04 (pale yellow) for the walls, Water.02 (greyish blue green) for the doors and built in bookshelf, and leaving the trim white. Hopefully, we'll be done and get some pictures up in the near future. Kilz now makes a no VOC primer so this will be our first ever entirely "green" painting project.

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