Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lazy Weekend

My spring break started this weekend after my class performed three shows of "Much Ado About Nothing" in two days. They were pretty great and we're all pretty exhausted. Now we're on to mentoring presentations in April, class trip to California in May, and graduation on June 2. Amazing how time is flying.

The chicks already practically look like chickens at the ripe age of three weeks. Since their head and neck feathers seem to be the last to grow in though they keep reminding me of vultures. We have had two accidental escapes from the bathtub (heralded by frantic chirping). They stretch their wings and flap a bit and one suddenly finds itself isolated from her sisters in a strange new world. We'll have to rig up a taller barrier this week.

Ms. Rhode Island


Somehow she always manages to give me a funny pose.

This weekend's little project was cutting the flannel I'd bought square and making a couple of receiving blankets by simply serging the edges. It cracks me up that that's how they do them at the store anyway and I get a lot more options for patterns this way.

The big craft project this weekend was this little tank top. It's some super soft (my guess is merino wool or alpaca/silk blend), really nice yarn a friend was going to give to Goodwill because she was sick of looking at the half-finished wristwarmer project it had been. What to do with a single 50g skein when one has babies on the brain...:) I'm going to try to post a full pattern tonight since I just made it up as I went along and like the way it turned out. It's sized for a wee one (18" chest) but I thought it might work to give some extra warmth to that vulnerable little torso in about October when it gets chillier here. I'm trying to drill this message into my brain even before the little one arrives.

Digit kept following me around as I took pictures so I told him I'd take one of him.

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