Monday, March 14, 2011

Everybody's Growing

The chicks are now about 2 weeks old and are feathering out at an alarming rate. You can practically watch them grow.

16 weeks and counting! You can practically watch me grow too. ;)Ultrasound on April 7. (Although we're keeping the gender a surprise.)
On the subject of bellies, I'm in love with this image.

The school's annual auction was Friday night. It's basically the only "adults only" evening of the school year and I always look forward to it. This year, the second grade chose "Welcome Baby!" as their basket theme and I managed to get it for a steal - especially since it included two one-hour prenatal massages along with everything below...

It's so rare that a mishmash basket has so much useful stuff and serendipitous that I've been strictly resisting buying baby gear yet. The clothes are also in a variety of sizes, ranging from newborn to about 6 months.
Tiny socks and hats!

The layette before Friday night consisted of the adorable care package that my mother-in-law sent (see below), the sweater I knit, and a hand-me-down Maya wrap from a friend.
It's a good thing we love duckies because they've become a bit of a theme.

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