Friday, October 1, 2010

Newest Family Member

After we got back from Colorado we put in an adoption application for one of the kittens we had fostered for 2 months over the summer. Marbles is now part of the family. While we had him, he developed a limp which was eventually identified as femoral head necrosis. Greenhill Humane decided to operate because he is such a delightful cat. He still limps but it doesn't seem to slow him down.

The only side effect seems to be that he is pretty willing to be in whatever position he happens to land in or get put in. This includes being snuggled like a teddy bear.

Clearly, he is not easily upset and has a huge purr.

He also loves being between us. The picture was taken from above; my red shirt and black pants are on the left, Q's brown shirt and jeans are on the right.

Digit and Isabel are adjusting quite well to a spunky new kitten. He's kept well-groomed by the fastidious Digit and he gets plenty of exercise as he and Isabel race through the house. I'm sure there will be documentation of this photogenic kitten quite often from here on out.

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Unknown said...

Very cute! And what a harvest!!! Wow! Masha made borsch the other night - yummy! Of course, nothing came from our garden - ha!!
I have a picture of my wearing the white hat, but couldn't load it in on FB - will send it to you some other way.
Your folks are here now - visiting Masha & me. We'll think of you while we eat the yummy meal your mom brought..... Hugs! Deb