Sunday, April 11, 2010

April Garden Update

Somehow, I only have about three of these tulips. Aren't they a great color and shape?

A large chunk of time this afternoon was spent transplanting the tomato/pepper/eggplant/basil/cauliflower/broccoli/cabbage flat to larger containers, using every plastic tub, old terra cotta pot, and nursery container that I have saved for that purpose. Q was kind enough to drill holes in the bottoms of the plastic. The small flat was replanted with melons and squash. They apparently can be a challenge to transplant but I wanted to try. Worse case, they die and I resow outdoors at about the same time I would have anyway.

Of the direct sows, the peas are the most impressive right now. I've also got tiny carrot sprouts, radishes, spinach, and lettuce to small to have their picture taken. I planted a whole bunch of flower seeds yesterday. Hopefully they'll start coming up in a couple of weeks here.
I think that between the indoor flats and direct sows outside everything is now planted in one place or another except the corn.

The new posts will soon have wire stretched taut across them to support the grapes which are currently invisible sticks halfway between each set of posts. The small splotch of green at the back of the post line is the raspberry. The strawberry bed is putting out bunches of new leaves. Three plants have even put forth a few blossoms. I think they will regret that. It's still too cold.

Nine crowns look like this now.

To finish the yard report, we checked in on the bees yesterday. We've got brood (baby bees) and they've built up about 40% of the frames in their hive body with comb. Not bad, considering the horrendous rainy, cold weather that has descended upon us recently. We went to bee weekend at Glorybee Foods on Saturday and saw a bunch of people picking up their packages of bees. We also watched a demonstration of a hive install. Fun stuff. And, best of all, I didn't get stung this weekend! Spraying ours with sugar water worked brilliantly as a diversion and I was wearing my new veil.

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