Sunday, May 3, 2009

Useful Saturday, Quiet Sunday

Yesterday, after our rainy shift at the May Faire, I managed to get a lot of laundry and cleaning done and finish my new sundress. I made a flowered one last year from the same vintage pattern, scavenged from Mom, with an 1 1/2" added to the sides to make it the correct size. (Sorry about the blurry fabric photos - I forgot to hit the macro setting.)

Last year's flowered fabric was bought to purpose and directions were slavishly followed. This year's fabric was a spontaneous 9:30p JoAnn's purchase when I was there for something else and the lady before me had had them cut the wrong size. I swooped it up since the fabric was half off anyway and I got an additional 1/2 off the partial yard. I came home with a yard and a half. Which was enough, as long as I cut two inches off the length, cut the armhole facings from a matching solid that I already had, and made the pockets a bit smaller. :) I didn't want the dress to be shorter, so I bought some matching double fold bias tape and just sewed it over the raw edge at the bottom. Turned out very cute actually and it matches the facings. Not bad for a $5 dress. Since it is just my summer "playclothes" I wasn't very careful with stripe matching (although I paid it some mind) and the bias tape seam didn't end up exactly aligned with the back seam but I'm sure no one will ever think the less of me for it.
I love the way the stripes are horizontal on the bodice and vertical on the dress body. I also love the solid bias tape bottom so much that I'm considering doing all future creations from this pattern that way.

Other cool stuff...

My best finds from this year's Friends of the Library book sale, which I finally got around to starting to read today.

Digit's favorite snuggle place, tucked up under my arm as I type.

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