Friday, May 22, 2009

First Sprouts

The first sprouts are up. We have 4 little shoots of corn, light spatterings of green that I believe are radishes and either beets or turnips, and three big sets of edamame leaves that haven't quite uncurled. I love that moment when big seeds like that just start pushing the earth above them out of the way.
Q laughs at me because sprouts always make me giddy. I check on my tiny little charges twice a day, when we leave for work and when we come home. It always is just so amazing to me when the things I plant actually come up. Seeds = plants - still remarkable, every time.
The bed planted earlier has peas that are about 6" high and little lettuce and spinach plants that are starting to look like miniatures of full size. The strawberries are coming into full bloom and I need to get them covered with netting because tiny green berries are just around the corner. I'm also going to get the starts we bought a couple of weeks ago out into the actual garden this weekend. I'm finally trusting that I won't have to whisk them under cover again for a too chilly night. It will be fun to post pictures of the garden with some green in it. I'll have to see if I can get those tiny shoots of corn to be photogenic too. :)

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